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Migrate to 2.0 with Extendware and get free 2.0 Extensions

Earn Money as an Affiliate!

Extendware Affiliate Program

Have the opportunity to promote 47 of the best Magneto Extensions on the Web and get paid to do it! 

Check out our video here!

How Our Affiliate Program Works

If a customer makes multiple purchases from your referral then you receive 5% on subsequent purchases during the referring period. Commission is only earned on extension purchases.

You must refer at least 2 customers to qualify for payout (to prevent abuse).

1. Go to your account center (you can create an account if needed)

2.  On the left hand side click Sign Up and Earn Money

3. Go to your Affiliate Backend and use the already made for you banners and links to promote. (These already contain your unique tracking link so if someone purchases using your promoted banner you will earn a commission.

What You Get

Compensation Plan:

Total amount of sales, USD Commendation Percentage from Every Sale

Commissions will be paid out quarterly

Tier 1 When you reach $0–1,499 in total sales you will get 10% for every purchase

Tier 2 When you reach $1,500-2999 in total sales you will get 15% for every purchase

Tier 3 When you reach $3000-4,999 in total sales you will get 20% for every purchase

Tier 4 (Top Tier) When you reach $5000 in total sales and up you get 25% for every purchase (you will also receive a special prize once you reach the $5,000 in total sales mark)

Many ways to promote our products and services including already made for you banners and links

Best Ways to Promote Our Program

1. Paid advertising (This creates very little work on your hands this involves placing an ad and tracking your clicks).

2. Post on your blog or Website.

3. Post a video on youtube or other video sharing platforms

4. Use social media (twitter, facebook, snapchat)

5. Use public forums

Want to start an Affilate Program of Your Own? Check Out Extendware's Affliliate Referral Extension

Or, Interested in a Partnership? See details on our Partnership Program Page

Questions: Email Our Customer Support