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  1. Magento 1 Development

    Magento 1 Development

    We understand that sometimes there simply is not a pre-made extension that meets your specific needs. In these instances you need custom development. In addition, custom development can help squash bugs, debug 3rd party extensions, optimize your store, provide consultation, and more.

    Learn More
  2. Priority Support

    Priority Support

    Stop waiting, Jump to the Front of the Line! Your Support Requests are Considered of the Highest Priority and Processed First. Learn More
  3. Site Audit for Magento 1

    Site Audit for Magento 1

    Is your time valuable? Are you a non-technical person? Then you can hire us to ensure that your site is up to speed and running perfectly for your customers. Using our site audit services you will have minimal (if any) downtime, peace of mind, and be assured that your website and extensions are working properly. Learn More
  4. Magento 1 Issue Resolution

    Magento 1 Issue Resolution

    Do you need a small service, consultation, or some other small task that is not included in our free support or are you outside of your support period? If that is the case, then you may purchase support on a case-by-case issue and we will provide additional support to you. Learn More
  5. Magento 1 Extension Installation

    Magento 1 Extension Installation

    Want peace of mind that your extension is installed? Are you too busy to learn about the idiosyncrasies of an extension and would like to outsource this to us? We can install the extension on your behalf or provide consultation on the configuration of the extension, thereby providing you peace of mind, and be assured that the extension is working properly, while you focus on other important aspects of the business! Learn More

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