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Migrate to 2.0 with Extendware and get free 2.0 Extensions


The following are samples of the product reviews actual customers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

If you have a testimonial you would like to share, please write to our support team. :)



"I added this because I thought it was a cool widget and not a lot of stores can do this. I am happy with that decision because it seems customers really do use it when browsing the catalog. I am probably going to buy 2 more for our other stores."
- Jamie Leasure about Quick View for Magento 1
"I purchased this extension awhile ago and the extension has performed flawlessly! Even more, I REALLY needed the ability to record transactions that we invoice outside of the shopping cart. Customers were getting upset that these transactions did not count towards the loyalty program. Extendware heard my issue and added this feature promptly. Now the extension is absolutely perfect!"
"I bought this extension 6 weeks ago and was running into some trouble. Extendware added a new feature that made it much easier for me to create my feed. This extension has so many features and works so well that it has become one of my all time favorite extensions. I currently have 27 feeds that I created with this extension."
"We sell goods based on cost plus pricing, so our tier discounts are somewhat predictable. We used to manually have to keep them in sync, but this extension has allowed a way for us to keep the price relationship without manual work. This has already saved more than the cost of the extension!"
"I have been waiting for this extension FOREVER. I am so happy that I found it. I am always at coffee shops or in hotels with my laptop and I am always scared my store will be hacked. This makes me feel much more secure when logging in when I am on the road."
"I use this extension to set the prices for our wholesale shop. It makes it so much faster. I do not know how I lived before this extension. So much time saved!"
- Kurt Kratochvil about Bulk Product Updating for Magento 1
"The extension really made a difference on speed!. John not only arrange time to install in hours that would not affect our store, but also suggestions on the improvement of the page and layout distribution. I very satisfied with the speed and support response!"
- Moises Mehl about Full Page Cache for Magento 1
"Tricky to set up (had to ask support) but it's dam fast FPC when it's configured. 4 stars just cause it's hard to use out of the box if you're not well versed in caching Magento solutions. "
- Magento Developer about Full Page Cache for Magento 1
"This worked great! I even suggested to add a picture to the email template and extendware added the feature for me in a few days. I have already had 5 abandoned carts recovered that has made me over $200!"
"Look at Magento Connect and compare the features/options/prices/reviews/etc. of other similar extensions. Yes, there are some cheaper alternatives. But for an extra $20 or $30, you get a rock solid product and some really nice features that no other extension has. And it's the only one that allows you to log into the front-end with a single-click from the customer page in the admin panel. That's a really nice bonus! Thanks guys. Keep up the great work! ~NetSpeedia "