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The following are samples of the product reviews actual customers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"While Magento EE comes with FPC, it has several logic errors in cache handling. EW's Page Cache fixes all of them. The features we particularly wanted, was the ability to edit products in the backend without "invalidating" the cache and FPC. Now we can edit products without the cache being blown up until we refresh it. Combine this with EW's cron controlled crawler and your site will fly. TCO is lowered big time. Can't say enough about John's professionalism in bug fixes and configuration assistance. We tried two other solutions for FPC and both failed miserably in comparison to EW's Page Cache."
"I sponsored the development of this extension because I used the full page cache and needed this to make it complete. It does everything I asked and works great. Thanks extendware for creating this. My site depended on it!"
"this product is excellent. I have many customers who speak other languages and this was easy to use"
"Awesome speed! Time to first byte is under 200ms...."
- newroomdesign.de about Full Page Cache for Magento 1
"Absolutely great extension that worked perfectly the first time we used it. At first I thought I needed to create a new store view for every currency, but I was told that it is not even necessary! After that, it was a breeze to add new currencies to my store and make them switch so if someone comes from one country they will see that countries currency. I think our customers like seeing their currency much better than seeing our default currency!"
"Everything worked well and all categories copied correctly. Great job with the extension. I will check out your other extensions later."
"I created one feed and using the distribution feature I was able to distribute it to 5 different services. A very unique and great time saving feature. In addition, every month the extension gets better and better. There has already been 3 updates since I purchased it. I can't wait to see what more is planned."
"I installed this on my slow site and everything worked great. I had an installation issue, which support took care of quickly. My server load has decreased as promised and my site feels so much faster. Really an outstanding product."
- Darryl Bruch about Full Page Cache for Magento 1
"very great product that has made me feel much more secure about my store. I login from unknown computers sometimes and now I can do it without worrying someone will keylog me and delete all the products in my store."
"We actually had a FPD suite with a very well know extension developer that ultimately backfired within about 4 months and started locking ages up. Our dev recommended this suite, and it improved our metrics incredibly. Everything from the speed metrics to page score. There is some legitimate configuring required sometimes, and Tej and Alana were extremely helpful in getting us running. This is the type of must-have extension that is worth the investment within the first week. We ended up purchasing every performance module we could and are buying our other available extensions here as well."