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Migrate to 2.0 with Extendware and get free 2.0 Extensions


The following are samples of the product reviews actual customers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

If you have a testimonial you would like to share, please write to our support team. :)



"I have tried 3 competing solutions and every one had some issue that developed under use (caching the wrong pages, not caching pages,being hard to configure, etc). This extension is the best. I have used it for over 2 months with no problems, it is easy to use, and does everything it says it will do. Best of all, the features keep on coming."
"We absolutely love how the search suggest works and looks on our site. Definitely better than the default magento auto complete and we have already received feedback from our customers who also love this little extension!"
- Robert H about Ajax Search for Magento 1
"I have a lot of extensions from different developers on my website and Extendware extensions are the best extensions that I have. The people at Extendware are EXTREMELY helpful and very fast at responding to questions. My Page Speed score on Google went up 32 points today with just this extension! Thank-you! "
"I bought this extension 6 weeks ago and was running into some trouble. Extendware added a new feature that made it much easier for me to create my feed. This extension has so many features and works so well that it has become one of my all time favorite extensions. I currently have 27 feeds that I created with this extension."
"After trying to find a way to send mail by SMTP - and searching in knowledge bases etc., I only found "solutions" which did NOT work ... . But then I learned about SMTP Email Plus. After this extension was installed, sending mails works fine - and whithout any problems! Therefore I MUST say, this extension is great: for only 79 US$ all the troubles an problems could be solved ... !"
- HansPeter about SMTP Email for Magento 1
"I am amazed!!! :O Right after installing this there was a 20 point improvement for my Google page speed score. Way better than I thought it would be!"
"This has made my store so much faster along with Full Page Cache. Images pop and load time is quick!"
"The pictures must not be updated on the site because the configuration is a lot more flexible than in the pictures. This crawler is amazing. It crawls everything. Products, categories, sort orders, search queries, multiple pages deep, layered nav filters, everything. This solution (with the page cache) saved my shop!"
- Jessie Shrewsberry about Cache Warmer for Magento 1
"I had another extension that did what this does, but it did not work! I installed this and it worked as expected. Lesson learned, I will be going to Extendware first from now on!"
- Cody Pharris about AJAX Cart for Magento 1
"What can I say... It stopped the spam. I use it on my contact from and for reviews. I was getting 15-20 spam emails and reviews a day. Now I get 0. It was easy to install and has lots of customization options."