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The following are samples of the product reviews actual customers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

If you have a testimonial you would like to share, please write to our support team. :)



"I installed this on my slow site and everything worked great. I had an installation issue, which support took care of quickly. My server load has decreased as promised and my site feels so much faster. Really an outstanding product."
- Darryl Bruch about Full Page Cache for Magento 1
"I did not even realize I needed this until I came across the extension and realized its potential! I now have it on 3 different stores so that users can change languages and so that we can run our campaigns that target languages we could not target before and the results have been great."
- Thomas Whistle about Auto Translate for Magento 1
"If you need a traditional loyalty program then this is a must have extensions as it does absolutely EVERYTHING!"
"Really was happy with this extension, and had a lot of return customers who had abandoned their cart. Great way to get those sales!"
"After installing this extension we had a theme related issue, and the developer went above and beyond to help me even when the issue wasn't with the plugin itself. 5 stars guys, superb!"
- Chris Schaefer about Order Reminder M2
"Everything was very easy to configure and install and worked great. Add to cart, compare, and add to wishlist all used ajax which provides a much better experience for our customers."
- Emanuel Fletcher about AJAX Cart for Magento 1
"Our catalog has about 77,000 skus and this made saving any product very slow which wasted our employees time. John recommended to try this extension and after installing we saved about 15 seconds in product save time! 15 seconds times the number of products saved per day is a lot of time. In fact, the extension records the amount of time saved and so far we have regained about 8 hours in lost productivity!"
"I needed SMTP in order to send mail and this extension did the trick. I really wish magento worked with smtp by default. This has a cool mail logging feature, which allows you to see all the email being sent by magento. I have found it useful on occasion. I have not used it, but you can also send email from the backend. 5 stars."
"I put this on my site and it stopped spam. Installation is easy. Support answered all my questions fast. I will be buying more from you guys!"
"It is easy to use. Makes the site more snappy. Mike helped me with some questions I had, which I appreciate. Really solid extension and a must have for any store."