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Migrate to 2.0 with Extendware and get free 2.0 Extensions

Buyer Protections

All products include the following buyer protections to ensure you have a great experience with Extendware. You can see the specific protections each product offers by looking at the product page.

Store Credit

We offer 30-day store refund or credit guarantee for most of our extensions.  (Excludes specific promotions and discounted extensions/services, and when free installation is provided)

To request an extension refund or store credit, please contact support.

All store credit or refund requests submitted after 30 days are not accepted. Fees for service (Installation, Custom Work, Priority Support, Issue Resolution, 2.0 Migration) are not refundable for refunds or store credit.

We strongly urge you to ask for assistance with installation if that process is difficult for you to do manually. We offer a $99 Installation service ( $150 Value). Just ask our support team or purchase here!

Note: 1) Services are NOT refundable. This includes if you order installation services as a product option. 2) You cannot order a product, refund it, order it again, refund it again and do this in perpetuity. If you have previously ordered a product and refunded it and then re-order the product, you no longer qualify for our store credit guarantee. You will need to contact support to see what, if any, credit refund guarantee we can offer you.

Try a 7 Day Free Trial! Not sure if an extension will be a fit for your store? Questions on functionality that user guide doesn't cover? Why not try it for free! We have 7 day free trial so you can buy with confidence! Just add the software to your store.

You can order Extension Installation Service.

Extendware Security

Extendware  takes the security of your data  very seriously. We are committed to providing an environment that is safe, secure, and available to all of our customers.


Passed in 2016, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most significant legislative change in European data protection laws since the EU Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC), introduced in 1995. The GDPR, which becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018, seeks to strengthen the security and protection of personal data in the EU and serve as a single piece of legislation for all of the EU. It will replace the EU Data Protection Directive and all the local laws relating to it. 

We support the GDPR and will ensure all Extendware services comply with its provisions. Not only is the GDPR an important step in protecting the fundamental right of privacy for European citizens, it also raises the bar for data protection, security and compliance in the industry. 

Zero Tolerance for Abuse Policy

We’re fair and we’ve found most of our clients are as well. We support a reasonable number of support requests that pertain to Extendware and our extensions. If a client requests support for items that are not related to Extendware, we will let you know that we can't assist with those requests and where you can go for additional help. 99% of our customers are awesome and we love working with them, however a minor number do push the friendship boundary, but we will always let you know if you’re stretching the friendship.

Finally, we have no tolerance for abusive language, harrassment, threats, or anything remotely related to those topics. If you or someone from your team verbally abuses, harrasses, or threatens anyone from the Extendware Sales, Support, or Customer Service team or any of our partners, all of your Extendware license(s) will be immediately revoked and no refund or store credit will be provided. Any language or threats that require law enforcement review will be passed on to the appropriate agency.